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If riding a regular bike is not enough for you anymore, but you are more attracted to freestyle, dirtu, tricks on a ramp in a skatepark or on the stairs in front of your house, to all those carefree moments when you can feel real freedom and fun with your mates - the BMX TABOU Gravity is for you.

  • - Front and rear brakes
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  • - Strong, durable steel frame
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  • - Two colours to choose from
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  • - Rotor in handlebars
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Gravity's BMX bikes are the perfect choice for all budding freestylers. TABOU BMX bikes are a great introduction to learning your first tricks and basic evolutions on two wheels.... and very often on one wheel. They are not serious performance bikes, of course, but their construction, equipment and wheels are enough to explore the secrets of riding on a ramp, struggling with various obstacles or just to have fun. BMX bikes offered by TABOU have very durable wheels and steel frames in the size of 10 inches. These are extremely important elements of BMX bikes when performing various stunts or frequent hits and falls, which are an inherent part of this sport.

TABOU Gravity BMX bikes - as befits a decent BMX bike - are equipped with proportionally smaller wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. This wheel size makes freestyle riding possible already for people 140 cm tall. In addition, the TABOU BMX wheels have aluminium rims and hubs, which makes them lightweight and durable for tricks. Both the Gravity 1.0 and Gravity 2.0 BMX versions have wheels with special BMX 2.0 tyres, which will give the bike a better grip and make learning freestyle much smoother.
BMX bike models

BMX bikes in the TABOU range are represented by two models from the Gravity line. Despite many similarities, such as the size of the wheels and the special profile of the frame with its low-set saddle, each is designed for a slightly different type of freestyle riding. The BMX TABOU Gravity 1.0 leans more towards so-called flatland, or tricks on flat surfaces. The handlebars on this bike have a rotor, which makes the front wheel freely rotatable by 360 degrees. Additionally, thick pegs are mounted on the axis of the rear wheel, which are used to rest your feet on while performing tricks. The BMX Gravity 1.0 is equipped with a larger 36T sprocket, 16T freewheel, and Caliper brakes on both the front and rear wheel, making the fresh freestyler feel safer and more comfortable on his bike.

The second BMX, the TABOU Gravity 2.0, is designed for ramp jumping and more for dirt jumping and tricks in the air, i.e. all freestyle evolutions where the wheels touch the ground less often. Such a BMX has no rotor or brake in the front wheel and no pegs on the rear wheel axle. However, the differences are not only in the wheels themselves. BMX Gravity 2.0 is equipped with a saddle with a different profile and shape, designed for a slightly different type of freestyle than BMX Gravity 1.0. To give the freestyler on such a BMX more freedom to manoeuvre and propel the wheels, a smaller crank with a 25T sprocket and a 9T freewheel were used. Both TABOU BMXs have a choice of frame and wheel paint.

Where you can buy our bikes

All types of TABOU bikes from the latest collection can be purchased both in stationary shops and online. Thanks to a dense network of sales points we can reach the greatest possible number of interested parties. More than one hundred shops located all over Poland offer the bikes under full warranty, and most of them offer the possibility of shipping the product to the buyer's address. All information about order processing and availability of TABOU bicycles is provided directly by the selected shop.


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