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If you value versatility, need a versatile bike both for asphalt riding and for spontaneous escapes into forest trails, ducts or scenic green areas, and at the same time want comfort and a lighter construction - choose the cross model TABOU Flow.

  • - Comfortable riding position
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  • - Large wheels
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  • - Front shock absorber
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  • - Footrest as standard
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  • - Men's and Women's frame
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  • - Disc brakes or V-brake type
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Cross bikes

TABOU cross bikes are especially comfortable thanks to the frame geometry which is ideal for this type of bike. The TABOU Flow models are designed for both men and women. It is worth remembering that women's cross bikes are slightly different from men's cross bikes. This is due to the different construction of the frame, more specifically the position of the top tube, which in the case of women's cross bikes slopes slightly towards the seat tube. This gives the cyclist more freedom to get on and off the bike.
Recreational and trekking bike

TABOU Flow cross bikes are also characterised by their fairly large 28 inch wheels. This wheel diameter, together with reinforced rims and much thinner tyres than on mountain bikes, allows us to overcome different types of surfaces - from road to gravel. Cross bikes are basically a combination of off-road MTBs with typical recreational trekking bikes. Their additional advantage is a lightweight construction allowing faster riding and easy manoeuvring.
Versatile cross bikes

Cross bikes are aimed at all those who use their bikes for a variety of activities and are not limited, for example, to asphalt or off-road riding. The versatility of TABOU cross bikes also lies in the fact that the frame of the bike is prepared to be fitted with racks, panniers, mudguards or bottle holders so that you can go further. Special mounting points for these accessories are arranged so that they can be easily attached to the bike.
TABOU Flow bike

TABOU Flow is a line of cross bikes in several series. The differences lie mainly in the type of equipment used, which also has an impact on the final price of the bike. So, on the one hand, we have good quality V-brakes, and on the other, high-quality disc brakes, shock absorbers with 50 or 63 mm of travel, or a drivetrain with gear ratios from 21 to 30. TABOU cross bikes are also a great price choice. If you are looking for a good, solid bike for less than two thousand zloty, the 1.0 and 2.0 series will do the job perfectly. Bikes with the 3.0 and 4.0 designations are already over two thousand zloty, but bearing in mind the class of the equipment and the workmanship of the bike itself, we can still talk about a relatively low cost.

It is worth knowing that TABOU Flow cross bikes are available in several colour variants. With such a wide stylistic variety, everyone interested is sure to find the perfect cross for themselves.

Where you can buy our bikes

All types of TABOU bikes from the latest collection can be purchased both in stationary shops and online. Thanks to a dense network of sales points we can reach the greatest possible number of interested parties. More than one hundred shops located all over Poland offer the bikes under full warranty, and most of them offer the possibility of shipping the product to the buyer's address. All information about order processing and availability of TABOU bicycles is provided directly by the selected shop.


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