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For beginners and the youngest lovers of two wheels, who have just started their adventure with bicycles, are taking their first, still uncertain steps on them or feel more and more confident during family trips to a nearby park, playground or sweetshop, we have prepared two models from the kids series - TABOU Rocket and Mini.

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  • - Comfortable riding position, easy manoeuvring
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  • - Colourful designs in boys' and girls' versions
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  • - Additional rear wheels with guide rail for learning to drive
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  • - Chain guard, bell, mudguards
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Cross-country bikes for children

TABOU children's cross-country bikes are designed both for toddlers just getting used to a two-wheeler in the form of a cross-country bike, and for juniors using a crank drive with pedals. In both cases, of course, there is a colour distinction between the girls' bikes - Mini models - and the boys' bikes - Rocket. The youngest kids, before they get on a real bike, can start with the currently very popular cross-country bikes, whose equipment is limited to a minimum. These bikes consist of a light magnesium frame, two inflatable 12-inch wheels, a comfortable handlebar and a height-adjustable saddle. These bikes guarantee safety for children and are very comfortable for them.
Pedal cycles for children

Slightly older children, who can already pedal themselves, can ride classic-looking bikes with crank drive. Parents, on the other hand, have a choice between giving their child the gift of a bike with a lighter aluminium frame or a steel frame - a little heavier, but definitely more durable. TABOU junior bikes are available with different wheel sizes, depending on the height of the child. Thus, the available wheel sizes are: 14, 16, 18 and 20 inches. In addition, all of them are equipped with front V-brakes and torpedo brakes, i.e. the possibility for the child to brake by reversing the pedals.
Children's bicycles with side wheels

What is extremely important - especially for kids who like all kinds of gadgets - TABOU Rocket and Mini children's bicycles are equipped with compulsory accessories for every young cyclist. We will therefore find a light basket for the necessary toys and treasures mounted just behind the handlebars, wide mudguards, a decent chain guard or soft handlebar protectors to prevent the child from painful knocks on metal elements. TABOU Rocket and Mini bikes are also suitable for children who are just learning how to ride a real bike. For this purpose, they are equipped with removable additional side wheels and an adjustable push bar with a comfortable handle at the end. These elements will please the parents rather than the child, but their appearance matches the bike as a whole.

And finally, one more, probably the most important element of bike equipment for children - colours and decorations. As we mentioned earlier, there are major gender differences here. The TABOU Mini girls' bikes have the typical colours for little ladies, with colourful ribbons on the handlebars, stickers or a tasteful basket. The "boys'" Rocket models, on the other hand, have less pastel colours and stickers which are more associated with racing and rocket propulsion. So all kids get something for themselves, and parents can be sure that their kids ride safe and good quality bikes.

Where you can buy our bikes

All types of TABOU bikes from the latest collection can be purchased both in stationary shops and online. Thanks to a dense network of sales points we can reach the greatest possible number of interested parties. More than one hundred shops located all over Poland offer the bikes under full warranty, and most of them offer the possibility of shipping the product to the buyer's address. All information about order processing and availability of TABOU bicycles is provided directly by the selected shop.


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