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When one is a few years old, a bicycle becomes the main means of free movement around the neighbourhood, fun, social meetings, first sporting challenges or simply an expression of good style and a perfect excuse to spend free time in the open air. This is why TABOU offers a wide range of MTB and city models adapted to the different heights and genders of young cyclists.

  • Venom, Poison, Topshe, Badboy, Badgirl:
  • .
  • - MTB bikes
  • .
  • - Thick tyres with aggressive tread and strong frame
  • .
  • - Front shock absorber and large number of derailleurs
  • .
  • Queen:
  • .
  • - Elegant urban minidress
  • .
  • - 6 or 3 derailleurs
  • .
  • - Mudguards, rack, bell and footpegs as standard

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Mountain bikes for kids

TABOU junior bikes can be divided into two groups. The first of these - by far the more numerous - are mountain bikes for girls and boys. These bikes are available in a wide range of sizes - with frames from 10 to 17 inches and wheels from 20 to 27.5 inches. The Poison and Badboy groups are typically boys' bikes, while Topshe and Badgirl are girls' bikes. TABOU Venom bikes have models in both categories. Importantly for young people, they are all equipped with a sufficiently large number of gears to make riding easier. The smaller junior bikes do not have front derailleurs, while the larger bikes have up to 24 gears. In addition, selected junior models have disc brakes and front shock absorbers.
City bikes for children

The second group of TABOU junior bikes are typical city models for girls. Comfortable mini bikes for young ladies are called Queen bikes. These elegant models have several rear derailleurs, profiled handlebars, a rack, mudguards and a wide comfortable saddle. Particularly noteworthy are the tasteful colours and decorations of these bikes, which will make riding among peers a real hit.

Where you can buy our bikes

All types of TABOU bikes from the latest collection can be purchased both in stationary shops and online. Thanks to a dense network of sales points we can reach the greatest possible number of interested parties. More than one hundred shops located all over Poland offer the bikes under full warranty, and most of them offer the possibility of shipping the product to the buyer's address. All information about order processing and availability of TABOU bicycles is provided directly by the selected shop.


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