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Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy contains information about the processing of personal data related to the use of the
website, including data submitted through the forms available on the website. In particular,
the Privacy Policy includes information required by the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the
European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of
personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (RODO).
1 Data Controller
1.1 The administrator of personal data processed in connection with the use of the website and forms
available through it is Tabou Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Polska Street 47A/24, 12-100 Szczytno, KRS: 0000733136.
1.2 In matters of personal data protection, the data controller can be contacted at the following email
address: or in writing to the address of the controller's registered office.

2 Aims and legal basis of personal data processing
2.1 Personal data left on the website, submitted via the forms available on the website or obtained in the
course of electronic correspondence will be processed by the data controller in order to:
respond to questions asked via e-mail or the form, including requests for quotations or other questions
concerning the activity or cooperation with the controller,
to identify users who register the purchase of bicycles in order to prove the legality of the purchase and
obtain or exercise rights under the warranty,
to send or provide by e-mail or telephone commercial information of the data controller or other
information related to the cooperation with the data controller, if the question sent or data provided
implies the consent or the request to send or provide such information
to research website traffic and the effectiveness of online marketing activities, to keep statistics, to
handle complaints and to secure claims.
2.2 The above-mentioned purposes of data processing result from the legally justified interests pursued by
the controller, consisting in maximal facilitation of contact with persons interested in cooperation with the
controller, identification of bicycle purchasers, including those who have or exercise their rights under the
guarantee, facilitating the users to obtain information on the controller's offer, increasing the reach of the
offer to persons using the Internet and electronic communication. The interests of the website users are
not threatened by the aforementioned interests of the controller, Data processing shall therefore be carried
out pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) RODO (the so-called legitimate interests of the controller).
Insofar as the obtained personal data will be necessary for the performance of a contract concluded with a
given person or to take steps at the request of a person before concluding a contract with him/her, the data
will be processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) RODO (the so-called necessity to conclude/perform a
3 Types of personal data processed
3.1. the data left on the website processed by the data controller will include the IP address, which may
indicate the country, city or other geographical area where the user's device is located or the user's
browser data. This data is collected automatically, some of it can be blocked in the browser settings. In
the event that this data makes it possible, in conjunction with other data, to identify a specific natural
person, it will be treated as personal data by the data controller.
3.2 The scope, form and content of the personal data provided in the forms available on the website or

within the scope of electronic correspondence shall be decided by the user himself, such data may
include, depending on the purpose for which they are provided, the company, name, surname, e-mail
address, telephone number, proof of bicycle purchase. The provision of certain data may, however, be a
condition for obtaining or exercising certain rights, e.g. under warranty.
4 Cookies
4.1 The processing of data may also include anonymous data from cookies. In the event that such data
enables the identification of a specific natural person in connection with other data, it will be treated as
personal data by the data controller.
4.2 Data originating from cookies will be collected according to the configuration of the browser on your
device, which will determine your level of consent to the processing of such data. Cookies are files that
are placed in the memory of your device when you visit websites. They contain information about your
device, your browser, anonymous information about your behaviour on the sites and data needed to
optimise the display of content on the sites.
4.3 The main types of cookies are cookies necessary for the correct operation of the website (they can
only be deactivated by changing the settings in your browser, but this may affect the correct operation of
the website) and analytical cookies, which are used to analyse user behaviour on the website (to identify
trends and optimise the website).
4.4 The purposes of storing and accessing cookies are to personalise the website, to remember data, login,
password and other user choices, to allow interaction with social networks directly from the website, to
adapt advertising content displayed on the website and to create website statistics.
4.5 The User may, at any time, block the provision of the above data by changing the settings of the
currently used web browser.
5 Period of storage of personal data
5.1 The personal data obtained will be processed for no longer than 5 years from the end of the year of its
receipt (planned retention period of the data obtained in connection with the use of the website).
5.2 However, this does not apply if, as a result of contact with you, a contract is concluded with you,
another form of cooperation is established with you or certain rights are granted to you, e.g. under
warranty. In such cases, the retention period will depend on the new purpose of processing agreed with
the user or communicated to the user in accordance with the RODO. Where personal data is provided for
the purpose of obtaining or exercising warranty entitlements, the data will be processed for the duration of
the warranty period and for the period until any claims under the warranty expire.
5.3 The processing period may be extended where further processing is necessary for the establishment or
assertion of claims or the defence against claims, and thereafter only where and to the extent required by
law. After the end of the processing period, the data will be deleted or anonymised.
6 Transfer of personal data - recipients of data
6.1 The controller shall not disclose personal data obtained in connection with the use of the website to
third parties, except where the data must be provided in performance of a legal obligation or where
disclosure is necessary to pursue legitimate interests of persons to whom the interests, rights and freedoms
of the website users shall not prevail. The data will also be made available to entities providing technical
and content support for the website, server maintenance or service technicians to the extent necessary to
provide their services and on the basis of relevant contracts for the entrustment of personal data
6.2 We may also entrust anonymous data regarding traffic on our Website (i.e. cookies) to our marketing
7 Rights of data subjects whose data is processed
7.1 The person whose data will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy shall have the

following rights: to access their data and to receive a copy thereof, to rectify their data, to request the
erasure of their data, to request the restriction of the processing of their data, to object to the processing of
their data, and to data portability.
7.2 In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, please contact the data controller at: Tabou Sp. z o.o.
Sp.k. Polska Street 47A/24 12-100 Szczytno
7.3 In the case of any objections as to the legality of the processing of personal data by the controller, the
data subject shall have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority.
8 Changes in the Privacy Policy
8.1 The Controller reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy, in particular due to changes in
legislation, technology or the way the website operates. The current Privacy Policy will be published on
the website.

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