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Tailored to your needs, well-designed, safe, equipped with branded accessories and covered by a lifetime warranty on the frame – this is the quality offered by TABOU. Regardless of your level of advancement, our offer includes a bike that will allow you to enjoy every moment spent on the move. Get into the TABOU topic!

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Find an official TABOU bicycle distributor. Our network currently includes over 300 stores located throughout Poland offering bicycles covered by a full warranty. Most of them have the option of shipping the product to the buyer’s address. If we are not in your area yet, contact us and we will surely find a solution.

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Prawdziwych przyjaciół poznaje się na rowerze, dlatego wybierz swoje TABOU i dołącz do paczki ludzi, którzy mają kręćka na punkcie dwóch kółek. Dodatkowo przy zakupie dowolnego roweru naszej marki między 1 marca a 31 maja 2024 roku możesz zyskać jeszcze zwrot kasy w promocji TABOU CASHBACK! Wystarczy, że zarejestrujesz swój nowy nabytek na stronie, a my oddamy Ci za to nawet do 500 zł! Sprawdź, jak to działa!


Tabou - Polish bike manufacturer

TABOU is a Polish manufacturer of bicycles that are distinguished by excellent design and branded accessories. TABOU’s offer includes light children’s and junior bikes, women’s and men’s trekking bikes, fashionable city bikes, durable MTBs, well-designed BMX, cross, gravel, dirt bikes and modern electric bikes.

TABOU has been operating since 2018, consistently building customer trust. The constant development of our network means that our bikes are present practically everywhere in Poland. Availability and competent after-sales support mean that using your equipment will be pure pleasure. Develop your passion for cycling with TABOU. Regardless of whether you are choosing your first bike or you are an enthusiast looking for a solid proposal at an attractive price, with TABOU bikes you can confidently move forward, improve your skills and develop your passion.

TABOU is a stress-free ride. We know that for every user, quality, appearance and price are of key importance and we want our equipment to be competitive in each of these areas. That’s why we use proven, branded accessories, implement rigorous quality control and design our frames to stand out in the street. Choose TABOU and ride your way.