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If you are in your element in the city, you like to enjoy a peaceful ride on boulevards bathed in the morning sun, you relax unhurriedly traversing narrow streets or picturesque winding cycle paths - especially with you in mind we have created city bikes TABOU Kayla and Retro.

  • - Comfortable "lady"-type frame
  • - Wide handlebars
  • - Wide handlebars and saddle
  • .
  • - Standard travel accessories
  • - Large wheels
  • - Large saddle
  • - Large wheels
  • .
  • - V-brake type brakes
  • .

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Bike for the city

Stylish TABOU city bikes can be divided into two groups: the typical Kayla 7SPD and Kayla 3SPD Nexus bikes for women and the versatile Retro model for men and women. All of them look very elegant and dignified, and the comfort of riding in an upright position is ensured by ergonomically designed frames, very comfortable saddles and perfectly shaped handlebars.
Urban lady

TABOU Kayla 7SPD and Kayla 3SPD Nexus city bikes are classic ladies' bikes with a few key differences. First of all, the Kayla 7SPD bike has a slightly different drivetrain type than the Kayla 3SPD Nexus - a standard rear derailleur with seven gears. The higher model, on the other hand, has a Shimano Nexus 3 three-speed derailleur that is integral to the rear hub. However, the differences don't end there. The Kayla 3SPD Nexus city bike is additionally equipped with a rear torpedo brake that allows braking by reversing the pedals, while the Kayla 7SPD bike has the well-known V-brakes. Both bikes also feature a 50mm front shock absorber, which is an invaluable addition when tackling any urban bumps and curbs.

Both the TABOU Kayla 7SPD city bike and the Kayla 3SPD Nexus bike are available with a hydroformed frame in 17 or 19 inch sizes, as well as with 28 inch wheels. The standard equipment of these bikes also includes elements very useful for recreational city riding. These include, among others, wide steel mudguards, a footrest, or a bike carrier with special tensioning devices. What is important, each of the described bikes can be ordered in one of two colours to choose from.
Retro bike

The last city bike in the TABOU offer is the Retro model. Its design is slightly different from the previous bikes in the Kayla line. This can be seen at first glance, and it is all about the elegant shape of the frame and the course of its top tube. The TABOU Retro city bike is available in two sizes: with a 17-inch aluminium frame and 26-inch wheels, and with a 19-inch frame and 28-inch wheels. Its urban character is emphasised by the three-stage rear hub gear, rear brake with torpedo and dynamo at the front. As befits a true city bike, the TABOU Retro also comes with typical city extras: wide mudguards, a kickstand, a luggage rack with pull straps and a large stylish headlamp, the casing of which is covered in eye-catching chrome.

Where you can buy our bikes

All types of TABOU bikes from the latest collection can be purchased both in stationary shops and online. Thanks to a dense network of sales points we can reach the greatest possible number of interested parties. More than one hundred shops located all over Poland offer the bikes under full warranty, and most of them offer the possibility of shipping the product to the buyer's address. All information about order processing and availability of TABOU bicycles is provided directly by the selected shop.


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